Social Studies Research Review 

The best source I thought for the focus question based on movies saying that did the movies in the 1960s reflect on the changes during that decade was IMDB or the specific link because when I typed in movies based on the 1960s this website showed a load of movies that reflect on the 1960s which I used for all three of my movies also wikipedia helped for understanding the movie more so I can write about the movie knowing about how it happened and that if the movie actually did reflect on the 1960s. For finding songs that reflected the changes during that decade the best link would have been because I needed one more song and I thought about the assassination of JFK so i searched it up and there were tons of songs to choose so I chose The American In Me. For finding t.v shows influenced by the Cold Was the best link was wikipedia because it told me the plots of the movies and television show which I used. There weren’t much weak sources because I only used the ones that actually helped the most but if there was one it would be for the focus question did changing fashion in the 1960s demonstrate the new feminist movement the website was because I couldn’t get much information out of it but got just enough as the main focus question was changing fashion a demonstration of the new feminist movement and the link only talked about the new feminist movement not about changing fashion but I could prove that changing fashion wasn’t a demonstration because it mentioned the main purpose of the movement and changing fashion wasn’t part of it. What I would differently next time would be to think carefully on what to write on Safari because when I wrote about the new feminist movement and that was changing fashion part of it I couldn’t find very much information because I hadn’t been able to correctly phrase it meaning I didn’t get the full results I wanted because their probably would have been one good website with the right information but I hadn’t been able to write it in so I couldn’t get the website in my search. I think that overall the research went well because I only had one average that I used but for the rest it was easy and I think that I did the tasks well I tried to insert as much information as I could and change it into my own words. I think that looking at my research 1960s was definitely a decade of change as their was the Vietnam war, USA president JFK getting assassinated, women getting equal rights as men which was a big change otherwise women would still be getting low payed jobs and just looking after the house and the fashion changed otherwise we would most likely just be wearing dull grey looking clothes and have to have two sets of clothing being formal and casual rather then being able to put on what you want so 1960s was definitely a decade of changes.   


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